“Hands down, this was the best zoom experience our children, our family members, and our friends have ever had. The music was so clear, the dancing was so engaging, the surprises were phenomenal, and the section where everyone shared their personal wishes with our son on his fifth birthday was magical. Everything flowed perfectly! We had to do almost no prep which was really welcome during this time! We all loved it! Thank you Judy and David!! Book this party!”

— Karen Thomashow, Cincinatti, OH

“That was awesome! Thanks so much. We have a VERY happy Hailey. She just said this was the best birthday ever, and considering the circumstances, that’s a huge win!”

— Mother of 6 year old “Hailey”, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you so much for a wonderful birthday party for Molly! She had a blast, our grownup family members had fun, and I heard from many of the parents whose kids were on the zoom that their kids had a fabulous time too! Afterwards, Molly said it was the best birthday ever, which is a wonderful thing to hear during this unusual time when her usual birthday traditions couldn’t happen.”

— Mother of 6 year old “Molly”, USA

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